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Coleman Powersport Go Kart

Coleman Powersport Go Kart
Coleman Powersport Go Kart

Coleman Powersports Off Road Go Kart, Gas Powered, 196cc/6.5hp, Blue (KT196-BL)

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Coleman Powersport Go Kart is very nice product. Sweet little Go Cart. For $1000 delivered right to my door… no brainer. Looks great, started right up on the first pull, and the kids have been cruising it around non stop. A couple things that I didn’t expect, but that did not bother me: Set up… it wasn’t difficult, but you do have to put on the little roll cage, rear wheels, steering wheel, and seat.

Also, I expected it to go a little faster, but I did notice a governing screw that would probably allow a lot more throttle. I just haven’t messed with it though cause it is plenty fast for my kids. For me, I’m a big guy and I like to go fast. So I may have to play with the governor a little bit in the future…

It did come well packaged with a metal frame inside the box to keep it safe. I included some pics… Little guy in the pics is 5 and he could drive it just fine sitting at the edge of the seat in front of me, almost on my lap. If I scoot the seat forward, (which is a nice feature) he might be able to drive it by himself. But ain’t no way that’s happening yet : ) My other kids ages 8, 10 and 11 all average height could drive it no problem unassisted.

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