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Coleman Comfortsmart Cot

$39.99 $59.99
Coleman Comfortsmart Cot
Coleman Comfortsmart Cot
$39.99 $59.99

Coleman Trailhead II Cot

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I wasn’t sure how good this Coleman Comfortsmart Cot would be because the reviews were 50/50, so I only ordered 1 (I need 3).

I must say I’m very happy with it. Nothing was missing nor broken on the cot. The cot was assembled and folded into the carry bag and the only parts I had to put together were the 2 end tension rods.

They seem to be the reason most people gave bad reviews and I will agree only as much as “yes” they are a bit difficult. But, that is because the cot must have high tension so it doesn’t close up on you when you lay down.

Inserting the first rod on one end was not an issue. The tension is much higher putting the second rod into the opposite end, however, if you are not a strong guy (I’m an older woman) there are ways to pull it into place without hurting your hands or breaking the mounting tabs.I put the first tab in and then used my foot to push the rod while I held the cot with my hand.

I used my other hand to guide the rod over the tab and then slowly pulled my foot away. Tada….it worked! It is long enough and wide enough for a big guy, remember people…it’s a cot, NOT a bed.

I’ll be using mine for sleepovers, camping, relaxing and reading in my yard, etc… I really like this cot and I ordered the 2 more that I needed.

The only thing negative is the faulty black springy thing that holds the carry bag closed, it is missing part of it so the bag doesn’t stay closed (If the seller has those please send me working ones for all 3 cots when you ship the 2 more I just ordered, Thanks).

I included a few pictures. Hope I’ve helped anyone that is on the fence about buying it.

Promised Review By Jess F
  • Reproductive harm
  • Mine never damaged the floor however
  • It is supposed to be that way
  • This makes the cot tight and gives the support you need
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