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Coding Robot For Kids

Coding Robot For Kids
Coding Robot For Kids

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Absolutely amazing toy Coding Robot For Kids. The shear number of movements and traits this thing can do are way more than i expected for the price. It is actually a really complex robot. The programming interface though is truly what sets it apart. This is not a basic toy. The level of complex logic and programmable sequences that you can do with this robot are really vast. It also is very well suited for kids in that they are exploring computer programming without even knowing that this is what they are doing. This was important for my daughter because she has developed this attitude to “coding” that she does not want to do it and I have had trouble overcoming this. With Dash she was fully engaged, wanting to control and create specific behaviours of the robot and this desire drove her to master the programming interface quickly and continue to add layer upon layer of complexity to her routines. After only a few days she had created some very complex routines with +50 steps including branching logic and decision making. I was super impressed and i told her “hey you realize you can program a computer?!?” and she was like “really? oh so programming is fun!” Thank you Wonder Workshop!

Promised Review By Palo Altan
  • Give your kids a thing that’s fun and learning
  • You can create on it using 5 apps that comes with it
  • Activated by voice command
  • Kids can practice loops, sequence and other coding algos on it
  • A platform attached that keeps on adding more to the learning
  • A way to collaborate and learn together with other kids
  • Explore more Sketch Kit, Building Block Connectors, and more from Wonder Workshop
  • 5 hours playing time
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