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ClearStream TV Antenna

$109.99 $169.99
ClearStream TV Antenna
ClearStream TV Antenna
$109.99 $169.99

Antennas Direct Clearstream 4V TV Antenna, 70+ Mile Range, UHF/Vhf, Multi-Directional, Indoor, Attic, Outdoor, Mast W/Pivoting Base/Hardware/Adjustable Clamp/Sealing Pads, 4K Ready, Black – C4-V-CJM

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I researched OTA ClearStream TV Antenna a TON before I bought this antenna. I’m glad I did. I was looking to cut back on my cable tv programming packaging. Previous to the purchase of this ClearStream 2V, I was also using a Costco store-bought, 9″ x 9″ sheet OTA antenna, that you tape/attach to your window. I had it in a guest room that wasn’t wired for cable tv. Up on the 2nd floor. My location (in San Diego) has me right in the middle of about 4 – 5 tv tower farms. With all of that, I was pulling in + 30 channels, with that cheaper antenna.

With the new ClearStream 2V antenna, the idea was to feed the 3 main tv’s within the house, including the guest room. I was going to have cable runs of 20′, 50′, and +75′. I can’t mount anything on the roof, so I built my own 10′ high tv mast, and it stands on my 2nd floor balcony deck. After researching, and talking with the folks at Antennas Direct (a good source of help), we decided that I would actually aim the VHF attachment DIFFERENTLY than the UHF portion of the antenna. Using the basic websites that everyone else uses, that tells you WHERE all of your tv towers are, I was able to keep moving my antenna elements, till I got the maximum channels. The VHF part of this antenna snaps in place on the top of this antenna. But I’d encourage you to play around with the positioning of VHF part, and maybe attach it (I used zip-ties, which worked great), in a DIFFERENT position/angle on the mast. I got BETTER overall results, by doing that. I did several final channel scans, and pulled in about +50 channels. Granted, my location sits at 650 ft. elevation, so I have a pretty good shot at pulling in a bunch of channels. But most folks will have an advantage over me …. as they would have 360 degree exposure, IF they mount this antenna ON TOP of their roof. The results I got, came from only having about 200 degrees of exposure, instead of a full 360.

Fast forward, and I bought the Winegard LNA 200 pre-amp (after reading of it’s success). I figured that with my longer cable runs, for multiple TV’s, a pre-amp might help improve things. I added it to my mast, about 8″ below my antenna. I now pull in 80 – 85 channels. Granted, there’s quite a few of Spanish stations, I can’t use. But I still get a lot of other useful channels, including all of the major local ABC/NBC/CBS/PBS/CW, etc. networks. I even get a few of the Los Angeles’ versions of some of those. Also, there will be some days/nights where some of your (distant) channels might fade in/out a bit, at times. That happens with most any antenna. But most of my channels are strong. I’ve only had my antenna up for 3 – 4 weeks, so I can’t speak for how DURABLE this will be.

I read a TON of the +1400 Amazon reviews for this antenna, and came to the conclusion that many of the folks who left the “poor reviews”, probably were either in a bad location (signal-wise), or they just didn’t put much time into their antenna project. I’ve learned that in order to get a load of channels, it typically just doesn’t happen by pulling the antenna out of the box, and throwing it up somewhere. I’ve also noticed a lot of folks who mounted their antenna in their attic got ‘decent’ function from their antenna. But I think they’d be surprised at how many more channels they’d get, if they had mounted it outdoors. But for some folks, weather or accessibility to their roof, made it hard to do. But for those who are debating, mount it outdoors. It’s the best way to get the MOST out of this antenna.

So if you are wondering about buying this antenna, go for it. It’s actually a very good product. And unlike many other items you buy, where the QUALITY of what you get from that product, is solely dependent on how it is made ….. ANTENNAS are different. Much of what you GET out of an antenna, is determined by the EFFORT you put into positioning and connecting things the right way. This one doesn’t take a ton of time to actually hook up. But if you plan to use it to power more than 1 TV, or you live in a area that doesn’t have the best line-of-sight exposure to nearby TV towers, take some time to read what others have done, and your chances of getting really good TV reception, go way up.

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  • Patented technology
  • Full HD 1080 where available
  • Signal availability
  • Broadcast tower locations
  • Mount indoors
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