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Cigarette Lighter Male Plug

Cigarette Lighter Male Plug
Cigarette Lighter Male Plug

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I have purchased so many of Cigarette Lighter Male Plug 12v -to- 12v plug end charging cables. Most are crap. The biggest problems I have seen 1) they don’t fit correctly in a standard 12v power socket or cigarette lighter socket (people get these confused all the time…they are two different sockets). The crap ones I used don’t make a snug contact and/or slip out causing all kinds of problems. 2) the fuses are tiny 3) thin weight non-copper cable. Decided to try out these Cuzec ones. Guess what? They work excellent. All the problems I listed above are gone. They don’t slip out, the LED lights work, the cable appears to be about 16 AWG. Now I can jumper 12v to my small electronics without worrying if the plug end is not making contact.

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  • SPT-2 16AWG copper wire Cable
  • 15Amp Fuse protection
  • LED indicator on both plugs,
  • High power plug, hardness,
  • high resistance, arc resistance, heat resistance.
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