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Charger For Taser Flashlight

Charger For Taser Flashlight
Charger For Taser Flashlight

NEBO 6000-Lumen LED Rechargeable Flashlight: 4X Zoom; 4 Light Modes; Waterproof and Impact Resistant; Power Bank; Battery Charging Indicator - 6822, Black

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Charger For Taser Flashlight is very nice product. Working inside the poorly lit tunnels of Metro rail, I find it is imperative to have a powerful flashlight not only light my way inside the poorly lit tunnel but also for the train operators to see all of my hand signals.

Last year, I bought the Nebo Redline Blast RC 3200-lumen flashlight. Not only did this flashlight lit my way with 32-lumens, but it also dimmed down to 320 lumens and 32 lumens. So as the train got closer to my position, I could dim down my flashlight and give the train operator my hand signals without blinding them in the process. At the time, I was not sure that Nebo Tools would be able to produce a better flashlight, thankfully I was wrong and bought the Redling 6K.

The Nebo Redline 6K with 6000-lumens is phenomenal great for lighting my way through poorly light and illuminating objects for taking great pictures with my smartphone. As well as being able to dim down the flashlight to 1200-lumens and 60 lumens, so as the train is approaching my position, I can give the train operator my hand signal without blinding them in the process. I can recommend both the Redline Blast RC and the Redline 6K to my friends and coworkers.

I believe there are two things the Nebo Tool could have done to make this a better flashlight, that maybe they should consider for their next generation of power flashlights. While 5000mah is good, I believe 8000mah would be even better. Since the world appears is in the process of moving away from USB micro B and moving to USB C, I think Nebo Tools should start incorporating USB micro C for there future flashlights.

Promised Review by Geoffrey Drumheller