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Ceramic Toothpick Dispenser

Ceramic Toothpick Dispenser
Ceramic Toothpick Dispenser

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Adorable little ceramic Toothpick Dispenser. Standard wooden toothpicks load easily into the bottom, sealed by a small rubber plug. The material (ceramic?) is a crisp, matte, white color. Toothpicks come out easily when you pick up the item and tilt it forward. They don’t sit quite like the picture- the toothpick doesn’t protrude from the hole that far, but enough to grab hold of a toothpick when you need one. I’ve added a few photos for reference.

Promised Review By Discerninglady
  • Invite Polar picks to your next party and have a narwhal of a time
  • This sleek narwhal dispenses toothpicks with a quick Shake
  • Made of matte-finished, porcelain with a removable plug for filling
  • Includes 25 toothpicks
  • Hand wash only

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