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Catnip Wall Ball Toys

Catnip Wall Ball Toys
Catnip Wall Ball Toys

LMUGOOS Catnip Cat Toys with 2 Candies, Catnip Wall Ball Toys for Indoor Cats, Rotatable Safe Healthy Edible Licking Balls for Kitty Playing, Kitten Chew Cleaning Teeth Treats Toys…

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Catnip Wall Ball Toys is very nice product. Both of my cats love this! Our catnip ball is made of 100% natural catnip material, including catnip, silvervine and insect gall fruit in three different flavours, allowing cats to choose their favorite flavour. We also give away two rich fish glue nutrition candy as a gift.

Catnip is a size suitable for cats to chew, can effectively clean teeth, protect oral health, and make you and your baby closer. Catnip toys can also stimulate appetite, promote digestion, and improve cat’s immunity.

Cats will be attracted to strong smells and play with them. You and your cat don’t have to move around. The interaction with the catmint ball can improve the cat’s happiness and relieve the cat’s stress and negative emotions.

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  • Safe and Non-toxic
  • Stay Happy
  • Unique Design
  • Improve Health