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Cat post it Note Dispenser

Cat post it Note Dispenser
Cat post it Note Dispenser

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This is an awesome addition to my desk! Cute as all get out and very useful too. The cat is weighted so that when you pull a post-it off, the cat doesn’t slide around or move at all. I use post-its quite a bit in my line of work and I just love the bright colors and this cheery little cat. Just be sure to get the accordion-type post-its…the ones you’d never think of buying unless of course, you had an adorable kitty cat holding them for you. When you rip one off, another pops right up–it’s genius and I love it. Was packaged well, and when I received all the items in my order except this one, the seller quickly sent it after I went on Amazon chat and spoke with a vendor (in India) who was not paying attention and didn’t get what I was saying because he was apparently multi-tasking (his admission) and repeatedly mistook what I was saying until I asked to speak to his supervisor! This was a very frustrating experience and Amazon would do better to hire call center operators here in the US. It was a simple problem–instead of this cat, I received a pink girl’s robe that I had not ordered. However, whoever packaged the box listed it as having been delivered–I just wanted the error corrected. I usually don’t have a problem with Amazon or their customer service. Just be aware that if you choose to handle your complaint via chat, which can be very convenient…know that you’re getting somebody in India who is working 2-3 chat convos at a time and not paying attention to what you’re saying. But as for the product itself, it’s an A+ with me. Good price, great product, packaging was appropriate.

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  • Fun dispenser
  • Unique design to personalize your workspace
  • Convenient one-handed dispensing
  • keeps notes at your fingertips
  • Pack includes dispenser
  • 3-inch pad of Pop-up Notes
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