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Cardboard Cat Scratcher House

Cardboard Cat Scratcher House
Cardboard Cat Scratcher House

ASPCA Cat House & Scratcher w/ Bonus Catnip Included

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Cardboard Cat Scratcher House is very nice product. Well… If you have large cats i recommend selecting the cottage. It is large enough for my two largest cats to easily fit in with plenty of room to spare and they can turn around I also got the gingerbread house and while it is adorable and my largest two can fit for the most part it is snug.

Also even the smaller ones can’t turn around with ease. The gingerbread house is much more narrow.The floor of the cottage is a large scratch board while this one is a strip down the middle . The gingerbread house has 2 openings and the cottage has 1. The gingerbread house goes together with snaps where as the cottage you put tabs through slots.

I did prefer the snaps. As long as my “kids” are happy im happy with my purchase but im glad i have the cottage for my 2 largest cats.

Promised Review by missy
  • Cats love this pet bed house
  • Sprinkle some organic catnip on the cardboard while introducing the pad to a cat to entice your cats to scratch
  • Keep cats entertained and off of furniture