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Cardboard Cat House

Cardboard Cat House
Cardboard Cat House

Furhaven Pet Furniture for Cats and Kittens - Tiger Tough Farmhouse Corrugated Cat Scratcher Playhouse Apartment with Catnip, Cardboard (Brown), One Size

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Cardboard Cat House is very nice, promised. My three cats all have an affinity for the cardboard scratch pads, which we discovered at Christmas this year. We decided to give this a shot, since it seemed like it would have space for everyone, and it’s pretty dang cute. It was easy to put together and is sturdy for what it is.

Even my adventurous and jumpy Maine Coon hasn’t been able to take it out yet. The cats do like to take advantage of ALL the scratchy bits, so the roof looks like it has been through some rough storms, but it is hanging in there and gets more use than any other their other towers or toys each day.

It has space for all three cats to hang out together comfortably—they still like to swat at tails and sometimes harass each other, but they can also all spread out and relax at the same time. I questioned whether it was worth the price, but I have to say that this is one of the best things we’ve bought in terms of cat entertainment and at this point I think it was totally worth the purchase price.

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