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Car Window Shade

$13.97 $29.99
Car Window Shade
Car Window Shade
$13.97 $29.99

Kinder Fluff Car Window Shade (4px)-The Only Certified Sunshade Blocking 99.79% UVA&99.95% UVB-Mom's Choice Gold Award Winner-Sun Shades for Cars,SUV

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I needed some Car Window Shade for my car’s rear side windows so my daughter wouldn’t be blinded by the sun when she is in her car seat.

After spending months searching for a shade that was made specifically for my car’s make and model, I finally gave up and realized I would need to purchase something more “generic,” and that search led me here.

And boy am I glad it did! The reviews of this product were mostly positive, but I didn’t want to get my hopes up too much. When the shades arrived and I put them in my car’s windows I knew immediately I had made the right choice.

1) The way they adhere to your car’s windows is almost magic: they hold securely enough that they won’t fall off (even partly), but when you want to remove them they come off very easily. I’m still amazed by this feature!

2) When you don’t need them they fold up into a small storage pouch, taking up virtually no space. I just store them in the seat pocket behind the driver’s seat so they are always immediately accessible.

3) The set includes two “opaque” shades and two “transparent” ones, so you can decide which ones to use based on the weather conditions or how much light you want to let in.

4) The price is right! I couldn’t find any other products that were even remotely this effective in this price range.

Here’s a tip: Save the instructions, which show how to fold the shades so you can store them in their pouch. Folding them isn’t difficult, but it can be tricky if you don’t know how to do it.

Promised Review by FrederickTop
  • Darkest Possible
  • Bigger Quantity-2 transparent shades
  • Highest Quality
  • Overlap to fit any window size.Driver side
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