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Car Sound Deadening Mat

$59.99 $81.24
Car Sound Deadening Mat
Car Sound Deadening Mat
$59.99 $81.24

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I almost went the “poor mans” way and bought Frost King Foam Duct Insulation, but then I saw this Kilmat Car Sound Deadening Mat was about the same price as the Duct Insulation. Using prime, I ordered and received the package the same day. I found it was easier to work with this material with my bare hands as using gloves the adhesive stuck to the gloves making it difficult to install – once I took the gloves off it was much easier to work with the material. I also found it to be easier to use a good pair of scissors instead of a straight-edge razor – the material is thin enough to use scissors. It was a cold day outside and when the temp dropped below about 42 degrees the kilmat material became much harder, so recommend installing on a day between 50-70 degrees outside. Also, the foil liner wasn’t too sharp, I didn’t have to worry too much about cutting myself using my bare hands.

As far as it doing its job as a sound deadening material? I installed these in a 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee, and I can definitely tell a difference on the road noise, especially on the highway. It’s probably a good 25% quieter, if not more. My doors feel heaver, have a nice THUNK when I shut them and sound solid when I tap the doors with my knuckles. I replaced my speakers in my doors at the same time and I am very happy with the results – no rattles and great sound. I did two layers – one on the outside panel and one on the inside panel – may be overkill, but I received 50 square feet, which was enough to do all four of my doors doing double layers. This is A+ material.

Promised Review By T. McFarland
  • – Super easy to work with and extremely pliable. Can easily be cut with household scissors.
  • – Does not have super sharp foil edges and can be applied with bare hands
  • – Very well packaged and comes in 50 pre-cut rectangle sheets, which is much easier to manage than a giant roll
  • – Decent adhesiveness when applied to a clean surface prepped with isopropyl alcohol
  • – Stuff is a bit thin. However, you get plenty of product so I applied double layers to all panels for essentially 100 mil thickness. I noticed a rather noticeable difference in tone when I knocked on the panels with a single layer vs. double layer Probably worth your efforts to double up the first time.
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