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Car Rear Bumper Protector

Car Rear Bumper Protector
Car Rear Bumper Protector

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I just put car Rear Bumper Protector on I haven’t actually tested it yet to see how well it holds up it’s flexible easy to install and looks good on my car. I transport people back and forth to the airport and with them taking their luggage out of my trunk they’re scratched the paint on the rim so this works perfect so that doesn’t happen again hopefully. Again I have not tested it to see how well it will hold up. The tape that came with it is not enough just like everybody else is saying it’s just not enough I was just a little bit short because I wanted to put some on the sides to so there was no Gap. But the tape doesn’t seem to be that strong in my opinion to it will remain in place time will tell and people pulling their luggage across that will tell. At this point without testing it out I’m happy with it I’m going to go out and buy more tape for it and if anything goes wrong with it I’ll give you another review

Okay after driving with it on there today with the tape they provide on the sides so I went out and purchased my own double-sided tape which is way better than what they provide. So my suggestion to you would be if you order this product by your own double-sided tape and don’t even use the cheap crap they send because this is very weak. And now that it’s on with the tape that I have used it sticking well not moving and it will serve its purpose.

An update— after using this for several days due to the weather it’s actually coming off on the edges even with the new double-sided tape that I bought and put on there so it’s not sticking very well if I would have known that I wouldn’t put that on my car I thought it would hear and stick to the car and stay put for a long time. Right now it’s serving its purpose

Promised Review By Sharon C
  • Made of high-quality silicone polymer Great Material
  • Multi-Function
  • Groove design and non-slip function,
  • Durable, Flexible, and Bendable
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed
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