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Car Dashboard Phone Holder

Car Dashboard Phone Holder
Car Dashboard Phone Holder

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This is my third Car Dashboard Phone Holder gen iOttie device – and they just keep getting better. My only gripe (not worth a deduction) is that in my current car, the weight of my iPhone 8 plus hanging at an incredibly low angle kept tearing the stuck disk off the dash – something I had never experienced in other configurations with less weight at that angle. So I glued the disk to the dash (thanks Shoe Goo!), and no more issues.

This is one of those simple devices that are extremely configurable. It can be flipped over, extended, and there are joints and hand-turn adjustments that can support some pretty wild configurations. It easily holds my iPhone 8s with its large case, and snapping the phone in or out is simple.

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  • Patented Easy One Touch Mechanism
  • Adjustable Viewing
  • Universal Mounting
  • Bottom Foot
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