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Car Cup Holder Phone Mount

$10.19 $11.99
Car Cup Holder Phone Mount
Car Cup Holder Phone Mount
$10.19 $11.99

Car Cup Holder Phone Mount, Phone Holder for car 360 Degree Universal Adjustable Car Phone Mount Gooseneck Cup Holder Compatible for iPhone 11/XS Max/8/Plus/Galaxy/Huawei/All Smartphone

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I am not a huge fan of phone cup holders since I like my Car Cup Holder Phone Mount but my son likes them so I bought this for him but I have to say it is a lot more secure than most vent mounts I have seen.

The assembly was child’s play easy, the adjustment took a minute or two to figure out what part to hold and what part to turn but that was so easy I missed the obvious but when you are finished it is unbelievably secure and gives a great view of your phone without any danger of it being dropped.

You have to adjust a few things about the holder to make sure you don’t hit your side buttons with the clamps but that takes about 10 seconds and you are ready to go. It is also designed so that if you need to plug in a charging cable there is nothing to get in your way.

Promised Review By Douglas C. Meeks
  • Adjustment knob lock and treatment
  • Universal ball rotation
  • One-Touch Quick Release Button
  • Free Charging
  • Free Adjustment
  • Wxpandable Base
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