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Capstone Lighting

Capstone Lighting
Capstone Lighting

Capstone Lighting 4-in-1 Eco-I-Lite – Emergency Flashlight, Night Light, Power Failure Light and Work Light – This Rechargeable LED Flashlight is Perfect for Power Outages and Hurricanes

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I’ve owned a pair of Capstone Lighting since 2/2015 (4 years) and bought a second pair in 12/2019.

They are incredibly useful and surprisingly durable. My boys (8-14 during this time) and I used them every day and not always gently. We have an old 3 story house with dark closets and corners so we keep one in the hall near the closet, one in the upstairs bathroom, and one on the dark side of the garage.

That’s one on each floor of the house. They help us find stuff and also act as nightlights. The low nightlight setting is great since it’s just enough to illuminate a bedroom slightly without impacting sleep.

The high nightlight setting is great for a hall with hazards like a stairwell. The nightlight auto on/off light sensor works well.

The high power flashlight setting is plenty bright while the low power is perfect to use as an emergency light when conserving the battery for an all-day power failure like we sometimes have.

The strobe setting also works well though you need to be creative to find a use for it. The design is high-quality, lightweight and rounded so it can be dropped on a carpet without breaking and even dropped on a hard floor without breaking.

That said, it’s not built like a $2000 smartphone so best not to abuse it. One of our original lights survived 4 years and the second is still going strong.

Here are other ways we’ve used these versatile multi-function flashlights: car camping trips, creating an in-home strobe-light disco, taping to our Nerf guns for lights out battles, placing on our outdoor pool table for shooting pool at night, playing flashlight tag, etc.

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  • Includes 1 premium Eco-I-Lite
  • Place power outage light around your home
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