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Canned Wifi Prank

Canned Wifi Prank
Canned Wifi Prank

CANNED WIFI in a funny quart gift can with screw cap. Hilarious gag gift for dad, mom, men, women, husband, wife. Great reception everywhere and 100% laughter guaranteed. (1-Can Pack)

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You have to put the wrapper on yourself, but other than that I love Canned Wifi Prank. Works especially well when our wifi went down at work.

Also, the review asked me about flavor. It tastes of aluminum, salt from my friend’s tears, and adhesive. The Wi-Fi inside tasted of distilled energy wavelengths and produced a radiological flavor profile that was quite satisfying. Slightly disappointed in flavor, but you can add your own flavors to enhance it.

Promised Review By Rick
  • Enjoy the WiFi with humor
  • This canned WiFi is all you need to look cool
  • Looks great when you put it upfront
  • Make people curious about what the hell it is
  • Let people explore and have fun
  • A gift of laughter for your friends and relatives
  • A premium quality product
  • Can be filled in with anything to make people more curious
  • PLEASE NOTE. This is a novelty product and does not actually connect to the internet.
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