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Candles For Birthday Cake

Candles For Birthday Cake
Candles For Birthday Cake

Amazing Colorflame Multicolor Happy Birthday Candles And Holders (12 Count)

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Candles For Birthday Cake is very nice product. As advertised, these truly will burn with different color flames.

We burned them in late afternoon and had to turn the lights off to see the color– even then it was pretty hard to tell when the purple and pink ones are lit their color blends in so much with regular light.

These would probably be pretty cool in the dark or as least in a low light situation.

Promised view by NEfarmgirl
  • Colorful Birthday Candles set of 12 with candle holders included.
  • Candle Flame Colors: Red, Blue, Purple, Yellow, Pink And Green flames.
  • Made With Non-Toxic, Biodegradable, And Environmentally Friendly Materials
  • Perfect for unique cake decor.