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Burlap Table Runners With Lace

Burlap Table Runners With Lace
Burlap Table Runners With Lace

Designer Burlap Table Runner - for Farmhouse-Style Dining Room - Woven Jute Fabric Placemats or Centerpieces - Rustic Home Decor for Coffee, Tea, & Outdoor Tables - Long Roll, 14 Inches x 10 Yards

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Burlap Table Runners With Lace is the best product . I am beyond thrilled with this… I will admit that I am not a “Martha Stewart” kind of lady, those genes all went to my older sister’s, but, after having the same patio chairs and stools for 10+ yrs.

& the price to replace the chairs wasn’t as expensive as cushions?!!! I decided to get a set of new rockers ( my older ones rock as well) I kept a small table from a garage sale and I only had rips and tears on both of the foot stools and I accidentally stumbled on this product….!!!! HUGE LIGHT BULBS ARE GOING OFF & I couldn’t be happier!!

I wrapped the stools about 4-5 solid but not to tight, took the small amount left ran it in & out of the bottom of the stools and the exact amount on both stools were as if they were bought that way! I guess I should add that the color of the chairs and stools are a half shade darker than the awesome burlap… Now, I am a little bit of a”button” here because, all I can think about is I need to order more and I can fix it all..

everything is fixable and I get to save the comfy and already paid for chairs and stools and I have a inexpensive but very cute and sturdy updated chairs that rock and a half a roll until I can get more!! Sorry for the length of the review, just new to this diy world& loving it!!!

Promised Review By The Ms
  • Made from high-density jute fibers
  • Its seamless construction and overlocked edges prevent unsightly snags and frays.
  • decorative bows or ribbons for gifts
  • Also comes in different designs to match your celebration’s theme.