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Brita Water Filter Replacement

$14.99 $34.13
Brita Water Filter Replacement
Brita Water Filter Replacement
$14.99 $34.13

Brita Water Replacement Filters for Pitchers and Dispensers

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If you have a Brita Water Filter Replacement jug, you’ll probably need a pack of these. I live in San Jose, and the water here is ridiculous. It comes out orange sometimes, and it smells like rotten eggs.

We did a water test and we even called an inspector to test it as well, both said the water meets the standard (whatever that means).

The filters help a lot. The water comes through clear, tastes fine, smells fine. After about a month, there’s a definite layer of a powdery orange something on the bottom of our dispenser and so I clean it and switch out the filter.

The package says to switch the filter out every two months. No, we don’t go through an exceptional amount of water (it’s just my husband and myself, and I drink less than a glass of water a day … no joke, yes I know it’s not healthy).

We tested a sample of the sediment-water as well, the test found nothing harmful and we’re not dead yet so I guess we’ll just keep drinking it, whatever it is.

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