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Braun Electric Shavers

Braun Electric Shavers
Braun Electric Shavers

Braun Electric Razor for Men, Series 9 9390cc, Electric Shaver, Pop-Up Precision Trimmer, Rechargeable, Cordless Foil Shaver, Clean & Charge Station and Leather Travel Case, Silver

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Braun Electric Shavers not bad at all! Gives a pretty close shave. It’s not a razor (skin) low shave, but it’s lower than my “00000” andis blade can get (which is pretty low), and is exactly what I want. I break out easily when my hair is cut to skin level.

Doesn’t matter what products are used to avoid razor bumps. So this works out well. Battery life gave me 3 full head shaves before reaching about 55% and me charging it back up to 100%. I’d say I spent about 20 min to shave my whole head.

It’s not perfect so there are spots you may have to go over once, or twice, maybe three times lol. So wasn’t as quick as I thought it would be, but not too bad. Always started off with my hair at a skin fade level (so very low). Didn’t really nick me much except around the neck area, front and back. Wasn’t that loud either, just pretty much a whirring sound. All in all not a bad experience.

Cut so low and saw so many small moles on my head, I almost made a dermatologist appointment 😂😂😂. Removed one star because the plastic used is a bit flimsy. I removed the trimmer head attachment to clean it and it slipped from my hand and fell 4 inches into the sink where one of the gold pieces above one of the trimming heads broke off and two of its clip pieces broke off from that.

I slid it back in and it holds, but didn’t like that it broke that easily. Also, the center trimmer piece has a slight twist movement to remove it. Under it, you’ll see four small hooks on all corners that fit into four small holes in the center of the trimming head. One of those clips broke and I don’t even know how.

I’m very gentle with my things. The remaining three still keep it well in place especially when the four outer trimming head close around it. That being said cleaning it is a breeze.

Just open up the four outer trimming heads and lightly twist the middle one off. Brush clean if clearing it out while more trimming remains and continue. When all trimming is done, repeat again but this time just run it under warm water after. All hair is removed.

Promised Review By Spartty
  • Braun Series 7 electric shaver is our smart shaver
  • 4 shaving elements
  • Intelligent Sonic & Autosense Technology
  • 8-D Contour Adaptation
  • 5 Turbo-/Sensitive-Modes
  • Precision Head
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Clean & Charge
  • 50 Min. Cordless Shaving