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Bottom Door Weather Stripping

Bottom Door Weather Stripping
Bottom Door Weather Stripping

Holikme Twin Door Draft Stopper Weather Stripping Window Breeze Blocker Adjustable Door Sweeps 34inch Grey

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Bottom Door Weather Stripping is very nice product . We recently moved into a new house with tile floors throughout. The gap between the tile floors and interior doors is roughly 1.5” when the doors are closed. Pretty much all sounds bounce off of the floors and can be heard throughout the house.

I found these twin draft/noise stoppers and thought I’d give them a try on my son’s bedroom because he plays the drums and the sound was extra loud on the tile floors. They cut to length, install easily and do a good job of significantly cutting down on noise.

Most bedroom doors aren’t real thick or dense so don’t expect these to suddenly make your rooms soundproof. I definitely feel the before & after noise escaping from underneath the doors is significantly less. After having the initial purchase installed for 2 days, I purchased 3 more of them to put on all the bedroom doors in the house.

They aren’t the most appealing things to look at, but we have gray tile floors so they don’t stand out as much as they might with other color options. After having them for a few days, you really won’t even notice them anymore.

It’s also worth noting that the foam inserts are 2.5” thick each. I haven’t measured the cloth between the inserts but they make them to fit multiple door thicknesses. Since our doors are 1.25” thick, there’s extra space and cloth on one side of your door or the other depending upon if the door is open or closed.

When the bedroom doors are closed, it appears that they aren’t sealing well at all from INSIDE the bedroom. But, if you look at them from OUTSIDE the bedroom, they are tightly sealed and flush to the door. You will always have 1 side or the other appear too loose unless your door thickness happens to be whatever the max door thickness is for these to work correctly.

There is no adjustment to the thickness of the cloth, only to adjust length of the door by trimming the foam inserts and folding the cloth onto itself.

All in all, these do exactly what I needed them to do and get my 5 star review for price, ease of use & functionality.

Promised Review By Zach W
  • Please measure the size of the door and then carefully
  • which will not move with the opening of the door
  • Large-size sponge: not ordinary slender sponge
  • making the indoor more comfortable