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Bose Audio Sunglasses

$199 $249
Bose Audio Sunglasses
Bose Audio Sunglasses
$199 $249

Bose Frames Tenor, Smart Glasses, Bluetooth Audio Sunglasses, with Open Ear Headphones, Rectangular, Black

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Bose Audio Sunglasses is very nice product. Good-looking sunglasses that have surprisingly great audio for listening to podcasts or music that is a great replacement for previous in-ear solutions. I am now much more alert whether biking or walking and not oblivious to the busy traffic around you.

They were a breeze to set up with my iPhone and easy to charge as well. Battery life is solid-longer than I’ll be biking. Not the cheapest, but for the dual delivery of sunglasses and sound- it is the purchase I didn’t know I needed that I cannot live without.

Los Angeles can be pretty sketchy for street biking, and headphones was always a huge risk that was not worth taking. Enter the Bose Frames Tenor- and now I bike in safety…and you get sunglasses to boot!

Promiaws Review by Bruce Carey
  • Redesigned for luxury
  • Bose Open Ear audio sunglasses
  • Improved battery life
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