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Boots With Cleats For Ice

Boots With Cleats For Ice
Boots With Cleats For Ice

Crampons Ice Cleats Traction Snow Grips for Boots Shoes Women Men Kids Anti Slip 19 Stainless Steel Spikes Safe Protect for Hiking Fishing Walking Climbing Mountaineering

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Boots With Cleats For Ice is very nice product. Upon inspection as I haven’t actually used these in the field, these crampons seem to be very sturdy and effective. I had no problems putting them on, taking them off. The physics of the spikes and links tell me that they will do the job well The only uncertainty is the longevity of the elastic bands that hold and secure them on your footwear.

Now, the real reason I’m really writing this review is because it seems to me that a lot of people couldn’t figure out how to use the velcro straps that came with the campons. It took me a few minutes actually, but eventually I figured it out.

What you’d need to do is put the crampons on your footwear, then make a loop with the velcro strap by sliding the trap underneath one side of the elastic band (velcro side up), and make a loop with the metal ring. Then, pull the strap across your foot, and slide the velcro underneath the elastic band on the other side. Secure the velcro strap over the top after adjusting and you’re set.

If you’re still confused, please see the attached pictures.

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  • Stronger and safer spikes
  • Durable and stretchy material
  • Widely used and unisex
  • Flexible and pocket size