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Bob Marley Lava Lamp

Bob Marley Lava Lamp
Bob Marley Lava Lamp

Lava the Original 16.3-Inch Silver Base Lamp with Yellow Wax in Purple Liquid

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Bob Marley Lava Lamp is very uniqe product. This 16.3-inch Lava Lamp is good, but only after I replaced the bulb with a Philips 45W PAR16 Dimmable Flood Light Bulb 434746 available on Amazon or at Home Depot. (By the way, the lamp is listed on the websites as a Halogen, but the package does not state Halogen on it.) The 40 watt incandescent bulb that comes with it just doesn’t provide enough heat to get the wax moving.

In fact, I ordered this lamp and it worked for a day, then the wax would just sit in the bottom no matter how many hours it was on. I thought it was defective, so I returned it and Amazon replaced it with a new one. The new one did the same thing as the first one, so I figured that it was not getting enough heat for it to work properly.

I tried several bulbs including a 60-watt bulb (which worked well, it just got a little too hot). I finally tried the Philips 45 PAR16 indoor/outdoor flood light and it seems to work well. It does get hot, but I can still hold my fingers on the base without it burning.

The glass globe, however, does get a bit too hot to keep my fingers on. But it seems to be fine. I hope this info is helpful to others who may think the lamp doesn’t work. I now really like the lamp.

Promised Review by Doug K
  • Yellow Wax in purple liquid
  • Provides relaxing, soft light
  • Silver aluminum base and cap
  • 40-Watt light bulb included
  • Plugs into a standard 120-Volt wall power outlet