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Board Game Metal Coins

Board Game Metal Coins
Board Game Metal Coins

50 DND Fantasy Metal Gold Coins & Leather Pouch for Dungeons & Dragons Novelty Tabletop RPG Board Games Tokens Treasure Coins for Party Tablelap Games Accessories Addons Medieval Game Retro Props

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Board Game Metal Coins is very nice product. I bought these to use as tokens, for coin flips, and ambience when gaming. I think they would come in handy for fantasy cosplay, too. See attached pic showing the coins spilled out next to some US coins and a ruler for scale (each coin is about the size/weight of a US Quarter). They are very well made, the design on the obverse and reverse of the coins are perfectly centered. I don’t know what metal the coins are actually made of, but for funnsies they’re as good as gold.

The accompanying leather pouch itself is of middling quality (decent, but not great), but the pull string seems to be made of cheap craft leather. Each time I cinch the pouch closed I worry the string will snap. If you used the string to tie the pouch to a belt I think you might lose your pouch and coins. That being said, so far the string has held fast. With the attached clasp the pouch can be secured tight such that coins won’t fall out even when held and gently shook upside down. The coins also remain in the pouch when transported in a backpack pocket.

Final note: When my order first arrived there was a very STRONG chemical smell coming from the pouch. After even just a couple days sitting in a desk drawer and being handled a few times, the smell is all but gone. I did not wash it or do anything special to remove the scent, and expect it to fade entirely on its own.

Promised Review by OrdinarilyBob
  • Valuable DND accessories package
  • Suitable for most RPG games
  • Play with real coins
  • Good quality