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Bluetooth Speaker Cooler

Bluetooth Speaker Cooler
Bluetooth Speaker Cooler

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I received my Bluetooth Speaker Cooler from Amazon prime in two days and it barely fit through my front door. The item is packaged very well and it is easy to open up and set up, once you make some room to do so. The kit includes everything you need, including tools to put the handles on, which are a nice brushed aluminum finish. Once unpacked, I plugged it in and set up the wifi feature to sync with my streaming music accounts. This process took about 3 minutes to complete.
I consider myself an audiophile, and I enjoy listening to hi-fi music on a nice stereo system. Music makes me happy, especially when it is presented in a truthful manner. I can testify that the KUBE speaker has ample dynamic range and plenty of power to provide ample bass response in a large outdoor area.

Promised Review By fluffhead
  • – High quality sound, even at very high volume
  • – Long 50hr battery life (when playing at medium (which is very loud) volume
  • – Looks are awesome – people all want to know where I got it
  • – Very helpful LED light inside for night time use
  • – Comes with additional adapters for other countries and all necessary tools
  • – Easy to set up and get going!
  • – Nearly 50lbs empty so not the most portable item, but I don’t need to move it so no problem here
  • – It can be bulky in a trunk so it’s best to transport via back seat or in a SUV
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