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Bluetooth Headsets For Phones

Bluetooth Headsets For Phones
Bluetooth Headsets For Phones

Dechoyecho Bluetooth Headset V5.1, Wireless Headset with Battery Display Charging Case, Bluetooth Earpiece with Noise Canceling Mic for Driving, Office and Business,Compatible with Cell Phone and PC

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Bluetooth Headsets For Phones is a single-ear bluetooth set with a unique and innovative approach. Rather than having a plug-in for charging built into an end of the set, it has a case with a USB-C connector for charging, which is a different approach than I’ve ever seen. Downside is that you HAVE to have the case to charge it. But the unique feature is that once you’ve paired the device, the charging case also works to activate or deactivate the Bluetooth connection. When you open the case, the set automatically reconnects to your paired phone, and when you put it back and close the case, it automatically disconnects. I’ve found this to be very convenient.

This set also includes voice activation. I use the Bixby feature on my Android phone to voice-dial anyone in my contacts list, and the voice recognition was accurate. The first time I charged the set, I used it off and on for several days without significantly running down the battery. After 5 days, it took less than 15 minutes to recharge back to 100%, which also shows on a display inside the case. I’ve found the sound quality to be excellent, also affirmed by people I’ve called.

The only weakness I found is that the documentation is very limited. It focuses on items most valuable when you first get the set, including controls, setup, charging, and basic operation. It is very limited in operation of the set, especially the voice controls. In the Function Description, it only refers to Siri/iPhone, but there is a reference to Android at the end of the Key Functions setting. I have a Samsung Galaxy S10e, and figured out how to use the voice commands with a bit of trial and error.

On an overall basis, I find this G5 model to be excellent, and possibly the best bluetooth earpiece I’ve ever used. I was very happy with a G3 model from this manufacturer, and this is a definite step up in features and quality. I would definitely consider getting another one for other members of my household.

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  • Hands Free and Clear Sound
  • Battery Display Charging Case
  • Comfortable Wearing
  • Easy to Use