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Bluetooth Headband Headphones

Bluetooth Headband Headphones
Bluetooth Headband Headphones

Lavince Sleep Headphones Bluetooth Sports Headband, Wireless Sports Headband Headphones with Ultra-Thin HD Stereo Speakers Perfect for Workout,Jogging,Yoga,Insomnia,Side Sleepers,Air Travel,Meditation

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Bluetooth Headband Headphones is very nice product. I bought this headband for some upcoming flights in order to listen to my ambient music during the sleeps. Listening to music during a flight really helps me stay asleep, however regular ear buds tend to fall out or start to hurt (from jamming them in so far NOT to fall out) after a long period of time leaning on one side.

This headband/Bluetooth headset is very comfortable! I believe this will do exactly what I want it for my upcoming trips.

ADDITIONALLY, a GREAT bonus! I also decided to see what running with these would be light recently. I have successfully ran twice (8 mile easy run and 6.5 mile moderately faster run) and have to say I love them for this as well! The sound is great! Almost like surround sound and not as “sharply intense” as in-ear buds. In order to use in the outdoor setting, this does need to be on the loudest volume setting. However I find that to be JUST the perfect amount for me! 🙂 The best part is, not only do I get a great surround experience with my tunes, but I can also hear cars coming up behind me. I typically wear more expensive Plantronics headphones that are supposed to allow for these “peripheral sounds”, however they do not work nearly as well as this headband does.

Downside to using while running? I should say, when I run, I sweat A LOT. I don’t think this product is meant for “super sweaty workouts” as it gets just as wet as any other cold weather headband I wear while exercising. So far, I haven’t broke mine by overly sweating, but my worry is cleaning the product after so many uses. You cannot remove the Bluetooth box/headphones from inside the band, so when it comes time for a nice wash, I’m going to have to do it VERY carefully. I also would NOT wear these out when it’s raining. After a good sweaty run, it took overnight in front of the heater for this headband to be completely dry again….

STILL, I am in love with these for comfortable lounge wearing AND running (and soon I’ll have some “use during flights” experience to share as well… but I’m sure I’ll love them for this, too).

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  • Sleep Headphones & Sports Headband 2 in 1
  • Wireless Version-5.0 Technology
  • Premium Audio Quality
  • Sleeping Headphones for Side Sleeper