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Blowing Out The Candles

Blowing Out The Candles
Blowing Out The Candles

"Blowzee" Birthday Fan for Blowing Out Candles

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Blowing Out The Candles is very nice product. We purchased this with some upcoming birthdays in mind and the kids loved it. The battery is already installed, so you just blow and the fan starts spinning. Needless to say, the kids also wanted to use it to blow air in each other’s faces, so we have tucked it away for future birthdays.

We just put it right next to the birthday banner and the candles and now it’s ready for next year. It’s solidly built and I’m sure it will last quite a while.

Promised Review by Professor L
  • The better way to blow out the candles.
  • Kids love the fun new way to blow out candles.
  • Don’t spit on the cake ever again!
  • Makes a great gift when attending a birthday party.
  • Batteries included