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Blackout Curtains For Bedroom

Blackout Curtains For Bedroom
Blackout Curtains For Bedroom

NICETOWN Bedroom Curtains Blackout Drapery Panels, Three Pass Microfiber Thermal Insulated Solid Ring Top Blackout Window Curtains / Drapes (Two Panels, 42 x 54 Inch, Gray)

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Blackout Curtains For Bedroom is very awesome product. I needed 2 more of my original curtain panels for my 6′ window, 72″ high. The color I purchased a few years ago was discontinued and 72″ draperies are nonexistent.

I came to Amazon and found these. The reviews are hit and miss, but they were 72″ and very inexpensive. You never know what you will receive! Out of the box and perfect packaging, my first thought was, “NO”, they were not what I pictured in my mind.

The tan color that I ordered was nearly an identical match to my walls, so I put them up, knowing that I could send them back.

They are perfect! No lining, light color, and it’s dark at night, even though I have a 3 bulb post lamp out in my front yard; bedroom window faces the front yard. My husband hears sounds that no one hears until he tells you about it; he has not complained once about the unscreened HVAC unit on the roof of the commercial building across the street from our home.

I purchased a light color and they block sound and light. I used 4 panels to cover a 6′ opening. I would describe the fabric as a heavy weight microfiber. There is no lining, so if you need your window treatments to match from the outside view, you may have to think about an additional blind. Very happy here!

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