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Bissell Spotbot Pet Cleaner

$159.99 $179.99
Bissell Spotbot Pet Cleaner
Bissell Spotbot Pet Cleaner
$159.99 $179.99

Bissell SpotBot Pet handsfree Spot and Stain Portable Deep Cleaner

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Bought Bissell Spotbot Pet Cleaner little cleaner because one of my dogs became sick and it ended up being a great purchase.

Not only does it clean up fresh accidents but older ones as well. I’ve cleaned up just about every type of pet accident you can dream of with this little guy and it delivers every time.

The pet oxy sample it comes with seems to be great on just about every time type of stain (pet wise). After mopping up what you can with a rag or paper towel just set this guy down over the stain (assuming its in the circumference) press the button of the type of cleaning you want wait for the beep and will need to use the hand attachment to get up the excess water and I’m not upset about that, you will have a perfectly clean area every time so far.

I’ve read some other reviews about it not getting everything up but I guess I should emphasize that you do need to get up as much as possible with a rag or towel prior to using it and it seems to be gold. I wish I had bought one sooner.

I am using it on a low pile fairly light-colored carpet that is about 3 years old, I have yet to have an issue with it leaving a cleaner spot than the rest of the carpet, after it drys looks like it never happened. I wish they could make this into a shampoo botvac.

It is a bit wonky on the stairs and depending on where you are trying to clean you may need to use the hand attachment (which you may not get the same results, square corners and round cleaner).

Promised Review by Buster
  • Every BISSELL purchase helps save pets.
  • Clean tank capacity
  • Get rid of messes without getting your hands dirty
  • Preset cleaning cycles that automatically
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