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Bird Feeder Pole With Squirrel Baffle

Bird Feeder Pole With Squirrel Baffle
Bird Feeder Pole With Squirrel Baffle

Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder, CrazyFire Outside Hanging Bird Feeder, Metal Waterproof Wild Bird Feeder w/4 Feeding Ports and Drainage Holes for Outdoors Garden Yard Decoration (Green)

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I love Bird Feeder Pole With Squirrel Baffle concept and especially like the way the body of the feeder unscrews from the top. I don’t have to remove the feeder from the hanging loop I’ve attached to my trees.

The units I purchased a month ago are very solid metal and have survived a few tumbles where the squirrels’ weight was enough to jiggle my wire hanging assembly loose until I got that sorted.

The only issue is that the center red part that regulates the seed disbursement is systematically being destroyed by the squirrels. This leaves the inner tube hole open and seed spills out and is consumed much more quickly than desired. The metal caging presents further damage to the inner tube which is nice.

I may replace that with a DIY metal component using parts from a local hardware store. I understand why the pieces inside aren’t metal – the cost would be prohibitive. But if this part was also metal I’d be very happy.

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  • Squirrel Proof
  • Metal Waterproof Material
  • Humanized Design
  • Attracting Wild Birds
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