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Bike Lock Chain

Bike Lock Chain
Bike Lock Chain

AKM Security Bike Chain Lock Heavy Duty Bicycle Lock Bike Disc Lock with 16mm U Lock,Motorbike Lock Black

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Bike Lock Chain is a Good One. Had my bike locked to my truck’s bike rack which was parked at a hotel for several nights. This lock stopped an attempted theft of the bike as can be seen in the pics.

The thief was able to make a clean cut through one of the links, but it must have taken too long to stick around to make another cut.

They also tried to drill through the keyhole but that ended with a broken drill bit. Thanks to this AKM lock, I still have my bike.

Follow-Up Edit: I had to have a locksmith remove the u-lock since it was so badly damaged. He had it off in about 10 minutes – sparks were flying everywhere and it got so hot he had to cool it off several times with a cup of water.

The mistake I made is I backed the truck up to a wooded area with the bike locked to the bike mount in the back of the hotel parking lot, trying my best to hide it. The problem is in so doing, I gave the thief cover while his cutting tool undoubtedly produced sparks too.

The locksmith said it’s actually better to have it out in the open – sparks like that will attract a whole lot of attention.

Promised Review By Scott
  • Strong anti-theft
  • steel chain and U-lock double protection
  • high safety performance
  • Powerful lock
  • cushion a lock protection
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