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Bicycle Mirrors For Handlebars

Bicycle Mirrors For Handlebars
Bicycle Mirrors For Handlebars

Hafny Bar End Bike Mirror, HD, Blast-Resistant, Glass Mirror, HF- MR090

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The Hafny Bar End Bicycle Mirrors For Handlebars, Stainless Steel is a very good mirror. It provides very good breadth of view of the road behind and the image, while not quite as sharp as glass, provides very good detail for what is behind.

Not sure why others have a problem with image detail. When a vehicle or other moving object is in the far distance, you can easily determine its presence. As it gets closer the quality and clarity of the image continues to improve and detail about the object is clearly notable. I have no problem determining whether a car is near the white line or me on paved roads. I just returned from 3 weeks on the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route down the continental divide.

The Hafny mirror was mounted on the left end of my Jones H-bar and proved invaluable for seeing where other riders were as I was traveling with 2 others, as well as the occassional ATV. On rutted gravel roads or single / double track it held its position and provided good images of what was behind, including two large sheep protection dogs that chased me in the Great Basin in Wyoming.

This is perhaps the best mirror I’ve been able to find, and I’ve tried quite a few, for image quality, durability and mounting stability. See photo below for quality of image. There was a smudge on the right side of the mirror when photo taken with smartphone.

I can not wear a helmet mounted mirror because my vision and prescription will not accommodate one mounted that close to my eyes. I also found the helmet mounted mirrors that I’ve tried very distracting and in constant need of adjustment from being lightly bumped. I like this mirror so much that I mounted one on each of my son’s MTB flat bars for the GDMBR ride.

They found it very useful. While it provides a stable and highly adjustable mounting position, it will move without being damaged it you bump it against a wall or post, or anything else firm.

You can also easily fold it out of the way if need be. Just readjust and it will remain stable for the roughest off road riding. At $15 it is a superior bike accessory, and now I see they have available the same mirror with blast resistant glass providing an even clearer image for $20.

I will likely try it down the line as well. I give the Hafny stainless steel mirror 4 stars and it will go to 5 if the glass mirror further improves the image.

Promised Review By Al B in CT
  • High-impact durable frame
  • This little mirror works for both of the road bike drop bars
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