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Best Women Slippers With Support

$119.95 - $161.69
Best Women Slippers With Support
Best Women Slippers With Support
$119.95 - $161.69

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I bought these because I revarnished my stairs with a product that is slippery as heck in socks and I was tired of mincing fearfully down holding onto the rail with both hands like I was on the side of a glassy mountain. I have bought umpteen pairs of slippers over the years and I always wear them for a week and can’t get into a routine with them. But these are life-changing slippers. They stay on your feet, even when you’re wearing them on the couch and getting them tangled in the blankets. The leather soles let me prance up and down my staircase-of-death like a billy goat. My feet feel like they are snuggled in cozy cocoons. Once I wore them to work because they feel so much like proper shoes that you forget you are in slippers. I didn’t notice until I was walking through the drifts of snow and I thought: gosh my feet are awfully cozy – usually they are much colder.

My one caveat is that they did chafe my ankles until they were broken in. There’s nothing rough about the wool, the simple cut edge just rubs against your dry winter skin and even leaves marks. You’re not supposed to wear them with socks, but I started wearing them with socks just until they were broken in. Now I don’t have the issue anymore. The green color is very dark – you wouldn’t necessarily look at them and think green unless they were in strong natural light.

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  • wool
  • Leather sole
  • 100% pure wool upper
  • Trimmed, edged and fitted with soles of pure calf skin
  • The boots may “shed” during the first days of use. The reason for this is that the coarsest fibres just need to be work their way out of the felt. It is only natural, and the fibres just need to be plucked off.
  • GL-G-02-00, GL-G-04-00
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