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Best Wireless Speakers For Home

Best Wireless Speakers For Home
Best Wireless Speakers For Home

JBL Clip 3 Portable Waterproof Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Bundle - (Pair) Camouflage/Black Camo

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Best Wireless Speakers For Home is very nice product. First off this speaker is awesome for 69.96 price I bought it for. I’ll list the pros because I have no cons. This speaker was delivered 11 days ago and I took this little double speaker out of the box and it had a good feeling of weight for its size which in my experience is a good thing as far as speakers go. Has a good rubber feel all around the case.

It sits stout and stable. I then charged it right away. Now to performance I played this in my house and turned it all the way up right away. I stepped outside with the doors and windows closed and could hear the bass good and still heard the lyrics of the song I was playing on my front deck.

In the house it projects sounds to other walls like my home theater soundbar, (like how surround sound bars can project sounds to other areas of the room from one location).

This is impressive crisp detailed quality sound for the price. Now I waited on this review because I wanted to test battery life. I first charged it 11 days ago and played it for a few hours of and on here and there for a total of 10 or more hours at moderate to higher volume and powered off after each use.

Today I turned it back on and my phone indicated still 70% battery life left…WOW! I believe this speaker is going to play for quite a few more times without charging. This was one of those products I bought online and like everyone else hopes it’s a good one. In my opinion it definitely is. I highly recommend it.

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