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Best Wireless Security Camera System

Best Wireless Security Camera System
Best Wireless Security Camera System

Security Camera Outdoor, Voger 360° View WiFi Home Security Camera System 1080P with IP66 Weatherproof Motion Detection Night Vision 2-Way Audio Cloud Camera Works with Alexa and Google Home

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Best Wireless Security Camera System is very nice product. I work on peoples camera systems and try quite a different ones. The Voger 360°View WiFi Home Security Camera is amazing! As I typicality do, I opened the (very well packaged) box and removed all the components.

I installed a 64 Mb SD card and plugged the unit in while it was sitting on the counter so I could set it up. I loaded the Tuya smart app on my phone and created an account, very easy. I opened the app, hit the “+” mark in the upper, right corner and installed the camera.

Very easy to do and I was able to rename it camera. So I powered it down and took it outside mounted it and powered it up. I was really impressed to be able to move the view up, down, left and right using my finger on the screen.

For a couple of days I viewed at dawn, day sunset and night and always had nice, clear pictures. Then I open the Alexa app and went to skills and added the Tuya Smart app. In the house I can see the camera view on my Alexa 5 &8 Shows by just saying Alexa, show Barn. Wow! Then I turned on the tracking feature and as you walk around the camera follows you keeping you centered in the picture.

All these features, ease of use, for a very cheap price is the reason I would recommend the camera system to anyone!

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