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Best Wireless Charging Pad

$20.99 $33.00
Best Wireless Charging Pad
Best Wireless Charging Pad
$20.99 $33.00

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At first, I was hesitant to pay this Best Wireless Charging Pad much when there are so many cheaper ones available. Most of the cheaper ones do not come with a power adapter, though. When you add in the cost of a decent quality power adapter that supplies enough power for fast charging, you’ve spent almost as much.

The Mophie has a premium look and feel. It feels like a solid piece of aluminum, covered in a rubberized plastic. The cord is not going to pull this off the desk/table, and, your phone is not going to slide off. If you take the phone off while it is charging, it feels a little warm, but definitely not hot. Also, once the phone is fully charged, the Mophie stops charging, and the phone is completely cool when you pick it up.

Then there is the fact that I don’t like to mess around with cheap stuff when it comes to charging. Too many things can go wrong.

Many other Qi chargers have bright LED’s. I wanted something to put on my night stand, so I didn’t want any bright lights. The Mophie has one, very small LED on the underside of it’s curved edge that barely casts a glow on the surface underneath it. Perfect for the bedroom.

Plus, it’s not finnicky about phone placement. Just set the phone down so that the middle-ish area of the back of the phone is on the charger, and it charges.

I added some photos to show the discreet charging indicator LED. In the last photo, it appears the light is not on, but, the room was dark and the flash overpowered the LED.

Promised Rviewe By K. Boggs
  • Ultra‐fast response time
  • Immediately starts charging on contact
  • Low standby current
  • Ensures minimal power draw when idle
  • Foreign object detection
  • Communicates with the device
  • Ensuring that power is only sent to compatible wireless devices
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