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Best Window Cleaning Tools

$7.30 $9.99
Best Window Cleaning Tools
Best Window Cleaning Tools
$7.30 $9.99

Window Squeegee with Handle for Glass

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Best Window Cleaning Tools is a good product. the thing that is different with this squeegee is it uses a dual-edge blade (it is also made from silicone, but I am not sure if that makes a difference).

On one hand, the dual-edge blade does a very good job *if* you stand the blade up so both edges are touching the surface. No streaks. Pretty clean job after one pass, with the right angle (90 degrees) and pressure applied.

On the other hand, it does not do a very good job if you angle the squeegee so only one of the dual edges is touching the surface. Where this is bad is in situations you have to reach far. For example, trying to clean my car windshield requires me to reach far to start from the middle, and I can’t angle my hand up enough so the dual edges on this blade are both touching the surface.

In other words, to get the best wipe, you need to angle the squeegee 90 degrees from the surface and that reduces the overall reach. One other ding is that the blade slides out the base often.

Basically, if you do a lot of squeegee-ing (like I do) and are always looking for a better wipe, it would be worthwhile to try this design. I am sure I will use this product where I can properly angle it because the wipe is pretty clean if done properly.

Promised Review by BM
  • Multipurpose squeegee for wiping windows, windshields, mirrors, tiles
  • Cleanly wicks away water for squeak-free
  • Removable non-slip handle for comfort
  • Lightweight, compact design
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