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Best Wave Brush

Best Wave Brush
Best Wave Brush

KISS Red Premium Pocket Wave Bow Wow Curved Palm Brush Hard BORPP03

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Best Wave Brush is very nice product. I usually don’t leave reviews or even take pictures but this one right here deserves one. I always admired bow wow for his music and his acting especially me and him being the same age. His products especially his wave brush is absolutely astoundingly absolutely perfect brush I have ever used.

Now keep in mind only the long handle one I brought from the seller but since how we’re talking about the brushes might as well throw another one which is a soft one and that is the Palm one. So starting off with the handout medium soft brush. It feels hard in the hand but once you put it on your scalp it is amazing. It is a perfect mixture between medium soft. The Palm brush was supposed to be a soft brush but it feels like a medium inside the hand but when applied to the scalp it is actually soft and both brushes lays down hair perfectly and adds bounce to the hair.

These brushes almost had me in tears because of the perfection that went into these brushes. Now the only thing that I will say about the brushes is that they shed a lot but what brush don’t and don’t tell me that no brush you all ever had has never shed. Do not use these as a shower brush because royalty has a perfect one for that. All in all instead of $11 these brushes should be $25 to $30 because of the quality that went into the brush. The Palm brush is plastic but the handle one is wood. The first time of me using this brush it transformed my waves automatically.

I did take a picture of my waves and within a month I was able to get this. If this brush was my woman I’m talking about babies 24/7. Pick up the brush it’s worth it

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