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Best Water Bowl For Dogs

Best Water Bowl For Dogs
Best Water Bowl For Dogs

PetSafe Healthy Pet Food Station or Water Station - Gravity Feeders or Pet Water Dispensers - Automatic Cat Feeder, Dog Feeder, Pet Feeder - Dog or Cat Water Fountain, Pet Water Fountain, Waterer

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Best Water Bowl For Dogs is very nice product. I read a lot of the reviews for what the negatives were. Based on those I decided I still wanted it. To refute the negative reviews I am including pictures to accompany my feedback. The people who said theirs leaked did not put the plug over the hole where the optional filter would go.

Hole was plugged before use and I’ve had no occurrences of leaking. The metal tray removes easily for cleaning when refilling OR in between filling if you wish to remove the canister it will release the spring and stop water flow so you can remove and replace the tray and then after locking the canister back in place the spring will be pushed in and water will flow again. It’s summer now so our dogs have been drinking quickly and we have not needed frequent wipe downs.

They do have long facial hair and I expect to clean the tray more often when the weather is cooler. I like the option to remove and clean the tray between fillings. The canister is mostly opaque as noted in some reviews. But I am able to see through it enough to tell if it is near empty. It is just refilled before this picture so it is more difficult to see. But when it is lower the line is more noticeable.

This may vary depending on ones own visibility, but I am able to see it. The lock and unlock symbols are difficult to see unless looking closely for them. One reviewer colored the symbols with Sharpie and I may do so as well. But I have not found it too difficult to identify so far during my use. I am very pleased with this purchase. Our previous water dish was impossible to clean and grew mildew and other grossness. This jug can be cleaned inside and I don’t have to worry about fitting my hand or sponge in there to clean it. It is quite easy to do. I should have photographed that. I hope these are helpful points. The other reviewers that liked the product mentioned a few of these things so I am combining their tips with my own. I definitely recommend this water dispenser.

Promised Review by Jenni Eden
  • Available in 64 ounce, 128 ounce or 320 ounce water capacitiesb
  • This gravity water feeder allows you to keep your pet hydrated at all times
  • he bowl is stainless steel and more hygienic for your pet