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Best Vacuum For Bugs

Best Vacuum For Bugs
Best Vacuum For Bugs

BugZooka WB100 Bug Catcher Vacuum

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Best Vacuum For Bugs is very nice product. Amazing tool for my current Indian Meal Moth infestation and resulting spider population explosion. I just let that trap fill up with 20+ moths/spiders and then empty the whole thing out. A great way of cleaning it is using a hose or anything with a bit of pressure to flush out all the bug bits that can stick to the metal filter.

To comment on the people with broken hinges, I also ran into that issue. However, I managed to fix my hinge (very carefully using a sewing needle, dental floss, and a bent paperclip). It wasn’t easy to fix, but this all could have been avoided if I took the steps detailed below.

First off, with a new Bugzooka, take that trapdoor compartment off and look inside at where the hinges are. You should see two very tiny springs that hold those doors shut. The main problem is that those springs are held in place by these tiny ridges so if they ever get knocked off those ridges, they go off the side and down the crack, like coins disappearing into a couch. The trick is to get some Elmer’s glue and dab a tiny drop onto the ends of the spring wires so that when the glue dries, they can be held in place and be too fat (from the glob of glue) to go down the sides. No more hinge problems.

3/19/2020 UPDATE: Still love my Bugzooka. Still use it almost everyday. No more moths! New tip for trapdoor hinge problems! So I eventually ran into a problem where one of the door flaps gets a little bit stuck in the open position. I would have to tap it on the floor or wall to knock it shut.

It turns out that adjusting the two small metal screws on the sides of the chamber can help with it. By tightening or loosening a screw, it affects how smoothly the trap door flap will operate. So, just run your finger through the trap door as you tighten or loosen the screws until the flaps close shut when you pull out your finger. The flaps may not close completely perfectly, but if they fall into place with a tap, it should be good enough.

Just make sure to check that the flaps close completely after you make a catch. If one of them is still open, just tap it on something to close it. I did that for a while and now the flaps close completely every time.

Promised Review by Spice Weasel
  • BugZooka is a fast, simple, and clean way to rid bugs from your home
  • The innovative and light weight new BugZooka lets you keep your distance and avoid bug squish and splatter
  • It’s unique patent pending design creates 10X the instant suction of heavy battery powered devices