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Best Travel Shoe Bags

Best Travel Shoe Bags
Best Travel Shoe Bags

YAMIU Travel Shoe Bags Set of 4 Waterproof Nylon with Zipper for Men & Women, Black

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Best Travel Shoe Bags are good. I’m one of those women who probably has hundreds of shoes, but who’s counting? I love shoes, and I take good care of them. I also spent 20 years of my professional life traveling about 75% of the time, (honestly, what woman can live without at least 5 pairs of shoes on hand?) and a great deal of my personal time I spend in gym shoes or hiking in wet, muddy conditions.

While this review is completely voluntary, and I wasn’t compensated in any way for writing this, I will proudly say that you can’t find a better shoe bag reviewer than me!

Recently I realized that my shoe bags needed replacing, so I ordered a whole bunch of different kinds to try them out.

These YAMIU Travel Shoe Bags are by far the best. They have a sturdy fabric loop that fits over a door handle, so you can load and unload your shoes without bending over – a big plus for tired athletes or anyone with back problems. When empty, they weigh next to nothing and take up almost no space.

The fabric is very durable, and I have no doubt that it is waterproof (although I haven’t tested it), and the fabric is thin and flexible so you can feel enough detail through the fabric to tell what shoes are in each bag (which is a handy feature when living out of a suitcase). I will have no qualms about tossing the bags in the washer when the time comes. The fabric has just enough stiffness so that it is easy to load the shoes, and it is a tad slippery so shoes don’t stick to the bag when packing and unpacking. I’m thinking about putting rows of pegs on a closet wall and hanging these bags with shoes in them. I might leave the zipper open just a tad to see exactly what shoes are in each bag, or if not, the zipper is thoughtfully placed so that it easily zips open by pulling down when the bag is hung. The slippery and impermeable nature of the fabric will keep dust away from the shoes, and if they were hanging on a wall it would be super easy to dust the outside of the bags with a swiffer.

It is obvious that YAMIU has carefully designed these bags for simplicity, functionality, durability and even a pleasurable aesthetic. With so much drek being pushed at us these days, these bags are a meditation in perfection.

Promised Review By Laurie
  • Great for travelling
  • 2 Perfect Sizes of Choices
  • Waterproof Material
  • Strong Zipper
  • High quality & Lifetime Warranty
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