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Best Train Sets For Toddlers

Best Train Sets For Toddlers
Best Train Sets For Toddlers

intelino J-1 Smart Train Starter Set – Award-Winning Robot Toy Train – Screen-Free and App-Enabled Play & Learning – 4 Code Modes – STEM Educational Toy for Kids

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Best Train Sets For Toddlers is very nice product. First of all this is a great toy, 8 year old loves it, it’s a bit much for my 5 year old but he can put the pieces together and make it go faster and slower.

There are issues – it very much feels like it’s been made by a tech company and not a toy company.

The plastic track pieces are thin and are a bit awkward to click together/apart. These pieces could have been wood or thicker plastic and be directly compatible with Brio etc.

The command pieces in the box are quite limited. The train can play sounds, and change the color of the lights but none of the default pieces can do that. You can ‘program’ the magenta pieces to do that with a phone or tablet, but a piece that could play a sound or toggle the lights would make it more interesting out of the box.

Programming the magenta pieces is annoying because as far as I can see you can only make them do 1 thing, most of which are covered in the default pieces. It would be nice to make them do 3 things say; wait 5 seconds, play a sound, turn the lights etc.

The phone/tablet app is good, and really essential to getting the most from the train. On the interline website there are activity sheets to print out which are worth getting.

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