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Best Tibetan Singing Bowl

Best Tibetan Singing Bowl
Best Tibetan Singing Bowl

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I bought this bowl after attending a meditation and wanting one for myself. When I received it I started using it and learning how to make it resonate. After a couple of hours I figured it out.

Now what really surprised me was how I felt after just a few minutes of using it after I figured it out. After work I come hone and use it for about 5 minutes. I can literally feel a difference in my stress levels after I stop. I feel MUCH more relaxed and calm. This is perfect!

Thanks you so much for such an excellent product! I live the size of this since it takes up almost no room in my backpack, meaning I can take it everywhere.

Promised Review By g0tr00t
  • Mesmerize yourself with the heavenly sound of Tibetan Singing Bowl and take yourself to a peaceful place
  • The singing bowl is not only an instrument but also an antique piece that will look great in your homes and offices
  • It’s now easy for everybody to play this as the design is new and user friendly with NEW Easy-Play Leather Pencil-Grip Striker, NEW Hand Sewn Non-Dampening Pillow
  • The size of the bowl is made to be for everybody and everyplace, you can take it to your yoga classes, office or anywhere you want
  • The bowl set is made to give the best sound with each component of it working parallel and balancing each other to give a heavenly sound
  • Created by hand by Nepalese artisans and devoted practitioners
  • The company is the guarantee as they check every product with hand to ensure the highest quality
    1. This article is a source of inspiration for me, it helps me a lot in sleep
      problems. I also used this Rain Sounds to fall asleep easily.
      Thanks, keep it up!