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Best Stud Finder

$65.79 $89.95
Best Stud Finder
Best Stud Finder
$65.79 $89.95

Walabot DIY Plus - Advanced wall scanner, stud finder - For Android Smartphones - DY2PBCGL01

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Best Stud Finder i can say is WOW. This thing is amazing! I’m not a professional, just a DIYer like many other people so my review is based on that. Just follow the instructions and watch the videos that the app points you to. Don’t be a “who reads manuals” person.

The app holds your hand through the entire process unless you select the “Don’t show me this” option when it prompts you. When the app starts up, it will walk you through what kind of studs and walls you have, then give you the options you want to use.

The device attaches to the phone using a sticky pad which can be cleaned with water if you get gunk on it.

It comes with 2 short cables, 1 USB C and 1 micro USB (Sorry iPhone users). You put your phone on the sticky part, plug it in to your phone, and you’re off to the races. It doesn’t come with a carrying case of any kind, so I recommend keeping the plastic covering you take off the sticky pad to cover it again when you take your phone off.

Like any advanced stud finder, you have to calibrate the device. This consists of moving the device against the wall in large circular motion. It willy notify you when its ready.

Then you can use pan or advanced mode, but I recommend panning first, then going to advanced mode. It seemed more accurate that way, plus the app mildly asks you to pan first. The pan has you slide the phone across the wall for whatever distance you want while showing you an image of what it finds. The advanced view is kind of like a radar where you move it across the wall and when it detects a stud it will show it to you in a color.

This is the best mode for finding the center of the stud and confirming its a stud and not a PVC pipe or electrical line (more info below). The screen will actually display text with”Stud” or “Pipe/Wire” when in advanced mode to help identify what you’re looking at.

My quick short story: Just moved in, drywall on wood studs. Wanted to wall mount my 65″ TV. Wall is against bathroom. Used $10 stud finder with blinky lights. 1 stud found, the other stud was “found” but when drilled it went into air. Used $50 stud finder with LCD screen that has electrical, wood, and metal settings. Found the same first stud, couldn’t find the second again. Enter Walabot:

Found both studs (spaced 18 inches). Also found an electrical line next to the right stud and a PVC pipe that was directly to the RIGHT of the left stud. To make matters worse, both previous stud finders found the “center” more to the right of the single stud they found. 1/4″ more to the right and I would have had a very expensive plumber bill thanks to that PVC pipe. The Walabot identified the true center of the stud consistently. I confirmed my findings with an endoscope camera thanks to the first air hole I drilled with the regular stud finder (and which prompted me to buy the Walabot).

At the time of purchase this was about $60, and with the amount of money I saved by not butchering that PVC pipe,

I HIGHLY recommend it. The app is extremely easy to use and the learning curve is small and well guided. The only bad thing I can think of is that it doesn’t come with any kind of carrying case. They have a listing for a more premium carrying case, but even just a silk bag would have been better than nothing. Just remember to save the clear hard film that you take off the sticky pad if you don’t have a case for it, as you can stick that back on it to protect it from dirt when you put it away. I just put mine back in the box with that hard film.

Promised Review By Jesus
  • Very accurate
  • Light weight
  • Great customer support
  • Feels cheap for something in this price range
  • I feel like it should include a protective case.
  • Sticky pad leaves a lot to be desired
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