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Best Smart Deadbolt Lock

$202.49 $249.99
Best Smart Deadbolt Lock
Best Smart Deadbolt Lock
$202.49 $249.99

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Have been using Best Smart Deadbolt Lock since it was released in Canada. Works great for my place. I like the app.

Only one source of frustration for me – I set the codes up on the lock without the app first, but when you hook up the app, it deletes the codes and you must use the app to manage the codes, which is fine, but it wasn’t clear to me that’s what happens in the documentation.

I have it hooked to my Alexa as well, and it works fine.

A couple of negatives:

Battery life isn’t anywhere as long as it says it should be. Batteries lasted almost 4 months, not 6 months like the literature says, and it’s not like it sees high usage in my house.

As well, the touchpad doesn’t work with gloves which is annoying in the winter.

Promised Review By Jaybo
  • Connect from anywhere around the world you want
  • Mobile app to access it
  • Can take up to 100 access codes
  • Compatible with Alexa
  • Fingerprint resistant, capacitive touchscreen and voice control
  • Security alarm
  • Really easy to install and work with
  • 100% guarantee and support
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