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Best Ski Goggles For Glasses

Best Ski Goggles For Glasses
Best Ski Goggles For Glasses

HUBO SPORTS Ski Snow Goggles for Men Women Adult,OTG Snowboard Goggles of Dual Lens with Anti Fog for UV Protection for Girls

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Best Ski Goggles For Glasses is very nice product. Skied with these six days now in various conditions; teens to 30, cloudy to full sun. Had a MINOR problem on a really cold day with a little frosting up on the outside, but that was because I was hunkered over in my chair! Lifting my head allowed the problem to clear. Never had another issue.

The lens are clear and free of distortions. I’m in my mid60s and picked these for their higher VLT while still having a rose tint (which I think helps with contrast in flat light). I was quite happy with the results, including with the sun came out. One the one ‘super sunny’ day I skied I wished I had my darker Bolles. These were still OK, but I could have used a little darker lens.

Partial sun/overcast? Super! Full sun? Mhhhh, OK. Also, they do not fit tight up against the top of my helmet, leaving a SMALL air gap, but so do my Bolles that cost almost X3. I think the only ways you fill that is either by luck, or buying the helmet and googles at the same time after trying them on. My only real complaint, minor, is that at times the plastic part of the frame comes in contact with my nose, about a 1/2″ from the tip.

Now, maybe if I hadn’t had my nose broken 3 times that wouldn’t be a problem??? Your mileage may vary. Speaking of mileage, I’m hopeful to get a full year out of these, and will be elated if it’s more. Time will tell.

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